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September 2012 Archives

Tampa man allegedly owes $6.5 million in alimony and child support

In an ideal situation, the amount of child support one parent must pay is determined, and that parent makes the required child support payments on time. Unfortunately, sometimes parents are late on child support payments. In that case, the other parent will have to turn to local authorities for enforcement of child support. In one case, authorities determined a local man owes millions in support payments..

Financial savvy important leading up to divorce

Florida couples ending their marriages often face complex asset distribution. Financial preparation is essential in making divorce as smooth as possible. Managing the finances can be a difficult skill to learn after a divorce. In many marriages, one partner assumes the job of paying taxes and bills and budgeting. The partner who has not been taking an active role in financial planning runs the risk of overspending if he or she is not financially literate.

Helping kids understand custody

Family courts in Florida are guided by the principle that all children should benefit from the presence of two parents in their lives. Kids need both parents to be involved in explaining how child custody arrangements following a divorce will affect everyone in the family

Mobile paternity tests raise questions

Floridian men who wish to confirm whether they have fathered children may someday have a convenient option available for DNA testing. A mobile testing facility providing fast tests for determining paternity, which is highly relevant in child support determinations, currently roams the streets of New York and may inspire others elsewhere in the United States.

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