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2 women killed in Ocala hit-and-run accident

Accidents can happen all the time and for any reason. Anyone who has spend time on the streets of Miami or the express lanes of Florida's Turnpike has probably seen some close calls or maybe some collisions that have had disastrous consequences.

Some situations can make accidents more likely to happen, and to be damaging or deadly. Slippery roads due to rain or flooding demand slower speeds and more attention to the road. Drivers looking at their cellphones or other electronics can pull vital attention from other cars long enough to cause an accident.

3 killed in Florida accident involving unlicensed driver

Florida may be well-known for the oceans and gulfs that surround it, but most Floridians get around on the land with cars, trucks or motorcycles. Unfortunately, the highways and roads of the Sunshine State rank highly in the nation's rates of collisions and fatalities in traffic.

There are several risk factors to consider when avoiding a potentially fatal accident on the roads of Florida. Driving while distracted by cellular telephones and other electronic devices can increase the likelihood of leaving the road or weaving into the opposing lane of traffic.

Motorcycle rider killed in collision on Florida's turnpike

The pleasant air on both coasts of Florida make for excellent motorcycle driving throughout the state. From the open roads of the Overseas Highway to the traffic jams outside Tallahassee and Jacksonville, motorcycles provide an attractive alternative to cars and trucks.

Bikes can have a few disadvantages, mostly related to safety. Motorcycles are harder to see, especially when careless drivers or those distracted by cellphones are on the roads nearby them. Bikes of all types offer no protection to their riders, making even the least serious collision a possible cause of permanent disability or death.

Settlement ends rare dog bite case in Florida

It is always unfortunate and unexpected when man's best friend becomes an enemy. Domesticated dogs are often well trained, but there is still a wild animal within. Dog attacks are rare, but they can cause serious injury when they do.

One of the few instances in which a dog is trained to attack a person is when they are trained as law enforcement officers or assets. Training is even more rigorous for service animals such as seeing-eye dogs and police dogs, and the latter are generally exempt from any charges related to an attack to which they are a party.

Drugged driving and the threat to your personal safety

Florida readers know that issues such as drunk driving or distracted driving are a direct threat to the well-being of everyone on the road. However, drugged driving is also one of the most prominent causes of car accidents and motorist injuries. Like distracted or drunk drivers, drugged drivers can face both criminal charges and civil claims for damages caused by their negligent behavior.

The decision to operate a vehicle while under the influence of drugs, even legally prescribed ones, can result in deadly consequences. Any driver who attempts to operate a vehicle while under the influence of any type of illegal drug, controlled substance or prescribed medication that alters their physical reactions or mental cognition is a danger. If you experienced harm because of a driver who was under the influence of drugs, you may have grounds to seek compensation.

Avoiding truck accidents in Florida

America runs on trucks, and Florida is no exception. The continued success of the Sunshine State's ports and the expansion of shipping and other industries depend increasingly on trucks and their drivers to move things safely and reliably.

Accidents can happen, however, with nearly 10 percent of motor vehicle accident deaths involving commercial vehicles. Truck drivers owe attention to the road and other drivers to avoid them. Drivers and passengers in all sorts of vehicles can keep themselves safe by adhering to a few simple rules.

2 killed in head-on accident in Venice

There is no more universal way to get across or around the state of Florida than by car. Although there are several bus routes, train tracks and flights around the Sunshine State, nothing reaches the allure -- and the numbers -- of one's own motor vehicle.

There are several dangers inherent in driving, although most of them can be mitigated with close attention paid to the road and other drivers. A few of the most common accidents are caused by excessive speed, always tempting on the long stretches of Florida's Turnpike and other major roads in the state.

Motorcyclist killed in central Florida collision

Motorcycles are one of the most convenient forms of transportation on the roads of the United States. Anyone who has been stuck in a traffic jam on the interstate highways outside Orlando or Florida's Turnpike near the urban sprawl of Miami can attest that they would rather be able to weave through traffic than be stuck in it.

Although motorcycles have many advantages over cars, trucks and other motor vehicles with four or more wheels, they have some significant disadvantages for some reasons that are worth considering for bikers and other drivers alike. The largest one concerns safety, as bikers on motorcyclists and bicycles have no external protection.

Avoiding a tractor trailer accident on Florida's roads

Tractor trailers, or semitrucks, are essential to the economy and infrastructure of Florida and the rest of the United States. In a place where supply lines cross from the ocean or the air to the land, trucks - and truck safety - mean enough that extra attention should be paid to their role.

Anyone who has been on a major highway or limited-access road such as an interstate or Florida's Turnpike has seen the raw, kinetic energy of a moving tractor trailer. However, some people may be unaware of the best ways to avoid a collision or other accident with a heavy truck that may cause serious injury, permanent disability or even death.

Taking precautions may help prevent a rollover accident

As you grew up, you may have heard of or even witnessed serious car accidents that involved a vehicle rolling over. This type of situation may have turned into one that you feared becoming involved in yourself due to the serious injuries that could result. You may share this fear with many other people who hope to avoid a rollover accident. Unfortunately, this type of incident could occur despite your best efforts to remain safe.

Though the risk for such an accident does exist because you cannot always plan for the actions of other travelers, you could take certain steps to help protect yourself and your passengers from such an incident. The precautions could even begin as early as when you start thinking about the type of vehicle you want to buy.

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