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2 killed in head-on accident in Venice

There is no more universal way to get across or around the state of Florida than by car. Although there are several bus routes, train tracks and flights around the Sunshine State, nothing reaches the allure -- and the numbers -- of one's own motor vehicle.

There are several dangers inherent in driving, although most of them can be mitigated with close attention paid to the road and other drivers. A few of the most common accidents are caused by excessive speed, always tempting on the long stretches of Florida's Turnpike and other major roads in the state.

Motorcyclist killed in central Florida collision

Motorcycles are one of the most convenient forms of transportation on the roads of the United States. Anyone who has been stuck in a traffic jam on the interstate highways outside Orlando or Florida's Turnpike near the urban sprawl of Miami can attest that they would rather be able to weave through traffic than be stuck in it.

Although motorcycles have many advantages over cars, trucks and other motor vehicles with four or more wheels, they have some significant disadvantages for some reasons that are worth considering for bikers and other drivers alike. The largest one concerns safety, as bikers on motorcyclists and bicycles have no external protection.

Avoiding a tractor trailer accident on Florida's roads

Tractor trailers, or semitrucks, are essential to the economy and infrastructure of Florida and the rest of the United States. In a place where supply lines cross from the ocean or the air to the land, trucks - and truck safety - mean enough that extra attention should be paid to their role.

Anyone who has been on a major highway or limited-access road such as an interstate or Florida's Turnpike has seen the raw, kinetic energy of a moving tractor trailer. However, some people may be unaware of the best ways to avoid a collision or other accident with a heavy truck that may cause serious injury, permanent disability or even death.

Taking precautions may help prevent a rollover accident

As you grew up, you may have heard of or even witnessed serious car accidents that involved a vehicle rolling over. This type of situation may have turned into one that you feared becoming involved in yourself due to the serious injuries that could result. You may share this fear with many other people who hope to avoid a rollover accident. Unfortunately, this type of incident could occur despite your best efforts to remain safe.

Though the risk for such an accident does exist because you cannot always plan for the actions of other travelers, you could take certain steps to help protect yourself and your passengers from such an incident. The precautions could even begin as early as when you start thinking about the type of vehicle you want to buy.

Florida man killed in box truck collision

So much of Florida's economy and transportation depends on trucks. Tractor-trailers, cement mixers and other heavy equipment on the road are the lifeblood of construction projects, trade and general commerce in the Sunshine State and beyond.

Accidents can happen, which is why operators of all motor vehicles have to be qualified and vigilant on the road. Even a slow-speed or minor collision with a heavy vehicle can be very damaging to cars and pickup trucks, as well as result in significant injury or even death.

Motorcycle rider injured in hit-and-run accident

Everyone who has been behind the handlebars of a solid bike can say there's no bigger thrill on the highway than to get up some speed on a motorcycle. Florida, with its flat expanses and coastal roads, is one of the greatest places in the country to cruise on two wheels.

Motorcycles can pose more than their share of dangers to the drivers and passengers atop them. Since bikes do not give crash protection to the people on them, even minor and low-speed collisions can cause severe injury to organs, limbs and head. Some victims of motorcycle accidents have been permanently disabled or died of injuries.

3 tips for avoiding wrong-way drivers

While on your daily commute or traveling to any destination, you face many hazards on the road. One of the biggest hazards you must contend with is other drivers trying to make their way to their own destinations. These drivers could participate in any number of dangerous actions that could increase their risk -- and subsequently, your risk -- of involvement in a car accident.

A particularly dangerous scenario that you could face on the road relates to drivers going the wrong direction. Wrong-way drivers account for numerous car crashes that take place every year, and you could become a victim of such a driver. In hopes of avoiding such an accident, you may wish to take certain steps.

Florida truck crashes injures 2 on Interstate 10

Florida is removed by geography from many of the urban and industrial centers elsewhere in the United States. The state therefore relies heavily on road transportation for the success of its economy. Trucks supply the burgeoning construction industry in Miami, while also bringing produce and goods from Orlando and the coasts to the consumers of the Sunshine State's offerings.

The number of tractor-trailer trucks on the many interstate highways and state roads of Florida requires other drivers to maintain vigilance and requires truck drivers to constantly look out for the safety of others. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, especially in times of reduced visibility or when truckers bring their rig to a high speed.

Central Florida collision kills 1 driver

Florida is one of the most scenic states in the nation, from the breathtaking swamps of the Everglades to the coastal plains of Destin and the Panhandle. One of the best ways to cross the state is by car, and millions of Floridians commute or vacation in one every month.

Accidents are rare, but they happen and they can have disastrous consequences. Parkways, interstate highways and other limited-access roads can be hazardous due to the high speeds that cars and trucks can achieve on them.

6 bikers killed in central Florida over 2 days

Florida is one of the ideal states to see from behind handlebars, as many motorcyclists can tell you. The majority of the state is flat and spacious, with open roads that hug some of the world's most attractive beaches and enticing wildlife areas.

The number of bikes on the interstates and smaller highways keep other drivers in the Sunshine State looking out for them, because even a minor collision can mean serious injury, permanent disability or death to the driver or passenger of a motorcycle. Drivers should take extra care at dawn and dusk, as well as while making turns.

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