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Man wins large jury award in premises liability case

Large and diversified businesses such as retail department stores and discount outlets have an above-average responsibility to their customers. These stores may contain hazards such as wet surfaces and products left in walking paths. Either of these can cause a fall and serious injury.

Businesses and their managers are often considered negligent if these hazards are present after a reasonable maintenance sweep would have discovered them. Victims of slip-and-fall accidents may sue responsible parties for financial damages to cover medical expenses and other related costs.

How do we improve motorcycle safety in Florida?

Motorcycles are part of the culture in Florida, where the good weather and scenic roads draw locals and visitors alike to an adventure on two wheels. This makes motorcycle safety vital to public safety on the roads of the Sunshine State.

The Florida Department of Transportation (DOT) is responsible for defining and enforcing safe procedures for motorcyclists and other motorists near them. Their research and new initiatives address the largest challenges to an environment free of injury to bikers.

Multi-car accident reportedly began with aggressive pass

Florida is one of the United States' primary hubs of transportation, with passengers and freight moving by road, rail, sea and air. Although thousands of urban Floridians get to work and home by bus or public transit, cars remain the most popular way to get around the state.

Motor vehicles are generally safe, although accidents can happen because of weather conditions or inattentive driving. Drivers who text or speak on their cellphones while a car is in motion can cause a serious hazard to themselves, their passengers and people around them.

Trio of dogs injure Jacksonville man in second incident

Life would not be the same without pets. Dogs, cats and other animals provide valuable emotional support to millions of Floridians. Nearly all domestic animals are well-trained, well-behaved and responsive to their masters' voices, but animals of an aggressive nature or animals feeling threatened can lash out.

There are few defenses for people when man's best friend considers someone an enemy. There are laws in Florida that create guidelines for animal care that regulate restraint, as well as standards for encouraging pet owners to prevent animal attacks by making them responsible.

Defensive driving techniques may help you stay safer on the road

When it comes to safety on the road, you certainly do not only want to look out for yourself. You may feel that taking precautions can help you and other travelers stay safer, and you could want to teach any driving-age children you have how to operate a vehicle safely. Fortunately, remaining proactive and cautious on the road could greatly increase your likelihood of staying safe.

Unfortunately, the chances of involvement in a car accident remain high. Other drivers may not take the time to follow traffic laws, watch for pedestrians or hazards in the road, or even think about the impact their actions could have on other travelers. Still, if you want to do your best to remain a defensive driver, taking certain steps could help.

Semi collides with school bus in Alachua County

Floridians have to share the road with each other to keep the people of the state moving. Although walking and driving is generally safe, there are risks to drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike. Clear attention must be paid to the road and vehicles' surroundings at all times.

A recent study shows that motorists in the Sunshine State are the second-most distracted drivers. Although Floridians rank 39th out of all 50 states in general road safety, they are second only to Louisiana for driving without proper attention to the road.

Motorcyclist killed when Florida driver attempts left turn

Motorcycles are one of the most fun ways to enjoy Florida. Little is more exciting in the Sunshine State than getting behind handlebars and enjoying the full view of scenery on the open road. Many choose bikes for their convenience and fuel efficiency as well.

Bikes come with their dangers, however, as they offer precious little protection to drivers and passengers alike. A high-speed collision can easily eject a biker off his or her mount, causing severe injury, permanent disability or even death.

Plaintiff wins ruling in Florida premises liability lawsuit

Owners and managers of all businesses have a responsibility to their customers and workers to keep their workplaces clean and clear of obstructions and dangers. This prevents injuries that people could suffer if they encounter wet surfaces, debris, ice or other dangerous property conditions.

Slips and falls are the leading cause of workplace and premises injuries, leading to about half of all problems that occur on business property. They also make up around 10 percent of all injuries nationwide. These high rates should lead managers to take extra care and keep their businesses safe for visitors and employees alike.

Tampa man killed in hit-and-run car crash

Driving is the most popular way to get around in Florida, and every kind of vehicle is somewhere on the roads of the Sunshine State. Although the roads are generally safe due to the attention of good drivers, accidents can happen at the risk of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Several dangers are more common than others, allowing smart drivers to avoid hazardous situations. Times and places with low visibility, such as dawn or dusk, can make it harder to avoid other cars that may be out of their lane. Tight curves that create blind spots are also prone to collisions.

Florida sheriff's deputy killed in semi accident

Trucks keep Florida's economy together. From the Port of Miami to the land of the Panhandle, semis and other heavy vehicles bring in food, clothing, construction materials and more to a majority of people and businesses in the Sunshine State.

Trucks can bring danger to the roads if the drivers are distracted, sleepy or operating rigs without proper maintenance. As a result, the state imposes punishment on people who text while driving or truckers who cause hazards on the road.

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