Three Steps To Take After A Parking Lot Injury

If you or a loved one suffered injuries after slip and fall in a Tampa area parking lot, you may be able to receive compensations. At Busciglio & Sheridan Law Group, our lawyers are experienced negotiating with insurance companies. We will take the time to understand your case and will advocate on your behalf to work toward securing a more favorable outcome.

What To Do After A Slip-And-Fall Accident In A Parking Lot

After suffering a parking lot injury, it is important for those who were injured to take the following three actions to protect their legal rights:

1: Seek Medical Attention

Even if the injury seems minor, it is still a good idea to get an evaluation from a doctor. Some injuries may not become apparent for hours or days after the accident. By seeing a doctor, the extent of any injuries suffered will be more accurately determined. Additionally, speaking with a doctor will strengthen your claim when seeking compensation from an insurer.

2: Take Notes

It can be easy to forget details after a traumatic event occurs. After a slip-and-fall accident, write down the factors that contributed to the accident. It can also be beneficial to get the contact information of any eyewitness.

Florida businesses have a duty to keep their premises safe for guests. Poor lighting, wet floors and damaged concrete amplify the risks of a slip-and-fall accident. We will investigate the factors that contributed to the accident and will determine whether the property owner was negligent.

3: Speak With An Attorney

After a parking lot injury, it is important to know what your legal options are going forward. A skilled attorney will outline which options are available to help you determine the best course of action.

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