Important Aspects Of Paternity

It is a common misconception that a birth certificate will stand as legal proof of paternity. This is simply not true. It may be necessary to prove the paternity of a child when the parents are not married or when you believe the child is not yours.

DNA Testing

Our attorneys will take the time to carefully examine the situation and provide you with a straightforward analysis of the current legal status of your children's paternity. If necessary, we will assist with arranging a paternity/DNA test through a scientifically reliable facility. The test will include both parents and every child in the family. With the outcome of the test in hand, we will pursue the legal avenue that is most beneficial to you such as petitioning for child support, disestablishing paternity or pursuing a time-sharing agreement.

Government Assistance

One of the most common reasons for issuing a petition for paternity is an application for some form of government assistance such as food stamps, because the department of revenue will serve the father with paternity papers in an effort to prove he is responsible for paying child support. It is extremely important that you speak to a qualified and experienced attorney before responding to a petition for paternity, making child support payments or placing your name on any legal document.

Protecting Your Parental Rights

Until paternity is established, the father has no legal rights in relation to the children. If you are a father seeking to foster a relationship with your children, then working toward the establishment of a time-sharing agreement may require a paternity test. If you are a mother who is in an abusive situation, it is important to remember that you have full power over all decisions concerning your children until the courts say otherwise.

Experienced Tampa Lawyers To Guide You Through The Process

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