Disestablishment Of Paternity

There are a variety of ways that paternity can be legally established. When a couple is married at the time a child is born, the state of Florida assumes the husband is also the father. Unmarried couples often have to provide additional proof.

The Paternity Test

When the father of a child is in dispute, our attorneys will assist with arranging a scientifically reliable paternity test, also known as a DNA test, of both parents and every child in the family. If the other parent is refusing to participate in the testing process, we will file a petition for paternity, which will provide the court order requiring the other party to complete the test.

When You Are Not The Father

It is a common misconception that paying child support for a long period of time legally locks you into continuing the payments, even after the paternity test shows that you are not the child's father. This is not necessarily true. In most cases, if the paternity test shows that you are not the father, you no longer have legal rights or responsibilities to that child. The disestablishment of paternity will relive you from the legal requirement to pay child support and terminate your parental rights.

When The Child Is Yours

Having proof of paternity will allow you to pursue your rights as a father. Time-sharing, also known as child custody, will legally protect your right to foster a relationship with your children. Our attorneys will remain by your side and work to protect your best interests throughout the establishment of time-sharing and child support.

Experienced Tampa Lawyers Helping You Disestablish Paternity

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