Helping Unmarried Couples With Rights And Responsibilities As A Parent In Florida

The Florida court system is guided by the beliefs that every child has a right to adequate child support and should be provided with the opportunity to have two parents in his or her life, whenever possible. In the case of unmarried couples, the courts must have legal proof of paternity in order to address child support and time sharing issues.

At Busciglio & Sheridan Law Group, our attorneys are dedicated to establishing and protecting your rights as a parent. However, our top priority is the safety of yourself and your children. If you are dealing with domestic violence or another form of legal emergency, we encourage you to contact us to discuss the options available to you.

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Mothers' Rights and Responsibilities

The state of Florida considers the mother to be the sole guardian of all children born out of wedlock. Therefore, time sharing (aka: child custody) disputes and child supportrequests require legal proof of paternity. Our attorneys will assist with assessing your situation and, if necessary, acquiring a paternity test. Additionally, if you are dealing with an emergency due to domestic violence or financial abuse, we are here to help.

Fathers' Rights and Responsibilities

Until you have established that you are the father, you have no legal right to see your children. Having your name on the birth certificate is not legal proof of paternity. If you wish to protect your right to foster a relationship with your children, we will help you legally establish that you are the father through a paternity test. Conversely, if you are concerned about paying child support for a child who is not yours or paying an unfair amount of child support, our attorneys will pursue the legal avenues most beneficial to you.

Experienced Tampa Attorney for Unmarried Parents

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