Helping Tampa With Child Custody And Parental Relocation Matters

As time passes, the needs of your family will change. Florida courts allow for changes to parenting plans and time-sharing, also known as child custody, orders through the modification process. When the need arises, our attorneys will submit petitions for modification, defend against a modification or enforce existing orders.

The Busciglio & Sheridan Law Group also provides emergency legal assistance to parents who are concerned about the potential relocation of a child to another state or country.

Changing Schedules

When your work schedule changes significantly, it can adversely affect your ability to spend time with your children. For some people, the change is as simple as a move to a new shift. For others, a job may make them unavailable for several weeks or months at a time.

While informal agreements between ex-spouses are often a positive sign that both parties are committed to communicating and cooperating, the court will not recognize or enforce them. Protect your right to foster a relationship with your children and speak to a qualified attorney about obtaining a modification to currently existing custody and visitation orders.

Relocating Your Family

There are many reasons why families choose to move out of a custody jurisdiction. For most people, a move occurs because of a change in employment, an opportunity for additional education or desire to be closer to the family. However, when a time-sharing or custody agreement is in place, neither party can legally relocate a child without a court order or written consent from the other parent.

Emergency Legal Protection

Our attorneys are available to assist clients who are facing legal emergencies that require swift action and extensive knowledge of family law and the Florida court system.

  • Domestic violence — When a relocation is spurred on by a fear for the physical safety of yourself and your children due to domestic abuse, our attorneys will make your safety a top priority.
  • Parental kidnapping — In cases where there is a high risk of a child being relocated to another jurisdiction, state or country, timing is extremely important. Our attorneys will utilize our extensive knowledge and experience to ensure the child remains in Florida.

Experienced Tampa Attorneys Available To Protect Your Interests

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