Busciglio & Sheridan Law Group: A Smart Business Decision

For married couples co-owning a business or possessing interests in a closely held business, a divorce is more than a personal matter; it's a professional issue that can have serious consequences affecting operations, other employees and business partners.

At Busciglio & Sheridan Law Group, our attorneys help business-owning families in Florida navigate the complex issues of valuating a business, determining whether to sell, split or continue to co-own a business, as well as numerous other factors related to complex divorce proceedings.

The Tools You Need To Protect Your Business And Resolve Your Divorce

Just because you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, doesn't mean you need to dissolve the business you worked hard to build. Although many couples look to sever business ties after a divorce, there are other options that can benefit those who are able to maintain a working business relationship.

Perhaps you want to sell your portion of the business, wish to pursue your former spouse's portion in exchange for giving up other assets, have other business partners who need to be consulted during a potential sale, or believe that it's in everyone's best interests to dissolve the business entirely. Regardless of the circumstances, our team works with forensic accountants and business law lawyers to ensure our clients have the resources they need to make intelligent decisions. We will valuate both the tangible and intangible assets associated with your business and aggressively protect your interests when negotiating an agreement or taking your case before a judge.

Experienced Team, Wealth Of Resources To Advocate For You

With an experienced team and a wealth of resources, we arrive at each case fully prepared to discover any hidden assets, review financial documents and see that a fair and proper valuation is presented. Like any significant business transaction, a divorce involving a business requires the advice and oversight of an experienced attorney.

Just Because Your Marriage Is Over, Doesn't Mean You're Out Of Business

If you are going through a divorce and co-own or have interests in a business, it's important to protect yourself.

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