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Military divorce presents complex situations

Even in the most optimistic of scenarios, divorce can be a complicated and anxious time for the splitting spouses. They have to deal with property division. They have to manage other legal issues, such as their estate plans and other legal considerations that were tied into their marriage. And most importantly, they have to manage themselves. They have to deal and cope with the emotional fallout from a divorce.

The challenges of financing a high asset divorce

Tampa residents who are contemplating divorce may also be considering the financial implications of a divorce as well. Divorce can alter current finances and lifestyle greatly, and in some cases, a divorce can prove to be quite costly.

Looking ahead: long term planning after a divorce

Tampa residents who are contemplating or are in the middle of a divorce understand that no matter what advice friends or family may give - the complexities or timeline for each divorce varies from couple to couple. It can be a long, arduous and emotionally draining experience or it can be a fairly painless, quick agreement.


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