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Florida remains the deadliest state for motorcycles

Motorcyclists flock to Florida for the scenic roads and pleasant weather, while many of the state's residents bike to work or the beach on a daily basis. Unfortunately, motorcycles' popularity in the Sunshine State comes at a cost to finances and safety that can be unfairly passed on to the victims of accidents.

Motorcycle accidents: common injuries and damages available

Because of the size and weight of passenger vehicles in comparison to motorcycles, accidents involving motorcycles almost always result in serious injuries and damages. Bikers have the same right to be on Florida roads and highways as other drivers, yet they often suffer significant harm because people do not know how to properly share the road.

Florida appellate ruling reversed motorcycle crash ruling

Motorcycles are one of the most exciting ways to enjoy the American road, and Florida leads the country in motorcycle riders and opportunities for good rides. The spirit of the chase can get out of hand, and a legal battle over the circumstances of one ride continues to unfold in a Florida court.

80 percent of motorcycle accidents lead to death or injury

Motorcycle accidents are violent, they happen quickly and they lead to injuries and death in the vast majority of cases. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that over 80 percent of the accidents that get reported to the authorities have one of these outcomes.

Car turns in front of motorcycle, critically injuring rider

For motorcyclists, one of the most dangerous possible situations is when a driver does not see a motorcycle and turns in front of it. These impacts can be nearly unavoidable, and motorcyclists, without the benefit of a metal vehicle around them, can be seriously injured.

Older motorcycle riders may be in greater danger

Naturally, anyone on a motorcycle can be involved in an accident, regardless of age. However, a study of fatality trends carried out by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that older riders were seeing the biggest increase in deadly wrecks.

Punitive damages may be possible in motorcycle accident cases

Punitive damages are not part of every personal injury case because they're not designed to compensate the victim for his or her expenses, like medical bills and lost wages. Nor are they meant to compensate the victim for any pain an suffering.

Avoiding driver mistakes while on a motorcycle

As a motorcyclist, you want to work hard to avoid accidents, even the ones that are not your fault. Motorcycle crashes often result in no injuries for those in the cars and serious injuries -- or even death -- for those on a bike. Don't be so adamant about your rights on the road that you don't look for driver mistakes.


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