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Fatal Florida truck accident may be drug-related

Florida's traffic accident record demands that drivers remain alert and aware to maintain safety. The state has seen more than 250,000 collisions so far in 2017, with 1,783 people losing their lives after them. This is a higher count than the same period of 2016.

Semi rollover crashes in Florida are a significant danger

Trucks are the lifeblood of Florida's trade and shipping, and thousands of trucks line the state's highways and roads every day. Drivers can make mistakes or cause hazards on the road, and a recent pair of rollover crashes call attention to a potentially dangerous situation for surrounding vehicles.

Study shows increased truck crashes on I-75 in Florida

Large highways are made safe by attentive drivers exercising courtesy and practicing good judgement. New highway construction and sources of traffic have brought more semis and heavy trucks into Florida than ever before, and the risk of collisions has come with them.

Do semi drivers cause most truck accidents?

Are you slightly nervous every time you pass a semi on the highway or the interstate? The truck dwarfs your car, and you've read all about how the danger is far greater for other drivers when they collide with a semi. You're worried that the driver is going to cause an accident that leaves you with serious, life-changing injuries.

Look for poor maintenance as a cause of truck accidents

How safe is the big truck next to you on the road? What about the one behind you? The reality is that you have no idea, because a poorly maintained truck can look just fine right up until the moment its brakes fail or one of its tires blows out.

Why do cargo tank trucks rollover?

Tractors that carry tanks full of potentially hazardous substances such as oil and gasoline can pose dangers to other motorists if a truck accident occurs. In most cases, the trucks carrying these materials arrive at their destinations intact. However, sometimes these tankers rollover, which can involve other motorists like you.

Truck accident stats show a disconcerting trend

Semi-trucks and large trucks pose very serious risks to people out on the road. They are powerful, unwieldy vehicles that can tip over, fail to brake on time and generally do tremendous damage when they are involved in an accident. This is to say nothing of the drivers of these vehicles, who can often become distracted or fatigued by their lack of sleep, their extensive workload or just being lost in thought while on the road.

Truck accident blocks I-95, minor injuries reported

A motor vehicle accident in Brevard County, Florida late last week blocked Interstate 95 for a significant amount of time after a tractor trailer and a truck hauling construction equipment became entangled in the wreck. It is unclear at this time what caused the crash, but the police are looking into it. The crash forced multiple lanes to be closed for two hours, backing up traffic for miles.


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