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Can adults adjust emotionally after a facial disfigurement?

Dog bites to the face are among the worst when looking at the long-term impact. They can leave people with permanent disfigurements that change the way they feel about themselves long after the pain has subsided and the healing process is over. These can impact job prospects, romantic relationships and much more.

Tips for avoiding dog attacks while jogging

For some joggers, one of their biggest concerns involves being chased or attacked by dogs. Dogs may believe they are protecting their territory or they may be controlled more by a basic predator/prey instinct. Either way, attacks can be painful and even deadly, so it's important to know what you can do to avoid them.

It can be good for a dog bite to bleed

When you're bitten by a dog, one of your first concerns may be stopping the bleeding. Of course, if it's a serious bite, you need to get the bleeding stopped and get medical attention. However, medical experts do note that some bleeding can be good, and they even tell people to encourage it -- sometimes by gently pressing on the area around the bite -- if it isn't bleeding on its own.

Are you at risk of getting rabies after a dog bite?

Rabies is perhaps one of the most feared outcomes of being bitten by a wild animal. A big reason for this fear is that the disease is very dangerous and almost always ends up killing those who contract it if they do not get medical assistance. This leads people to feel panicked after a bite, fearing that they could be infected.

Are some dog breeds really more dangerous than others?

Some dog breeds are stereotyped as dangerous, thought of as far more likely to attack, and generally feared by people more than other breeds. Is this just a stereotype, or are there stats to show that some breeds really are more dangerous than others?

The importance of legal help after a dog attack

One of the most terrifying ordeals that someone can go through is an animal attack, and for most people who have had to endure such an ordeal, this means getting attacked by a dog. Dogs are man's best friend, but if they aren't raised properly or if they live through a tough upbringing, they can become very vicious animals that have a propensity to attack others. Anti-social behavior like this will only make people feel uneasy around the animal, which can exacerbate the problem.


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