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For teens, friends are a major distraction

Teens and cellphones get a lot of press when looking at distractions behind the wheel. However, as dangerous as it is to use a phone to text a friend while driving, there's another danger that often gets overlooked: having those friends in the car.

Tips for avoiding a rear-end accident

In the vast majority of cases, if another driver rear-ends your car, you are not at fault. Drivers are supposed to keep a safe following distance at all times -- even though many of them don't -- so that they can stop in time to avoid a crash. That being said, there are a few things you can do to keep from being rear-ended.

Are turn signals really that important?

You've been there before: Someone ahead of you on the interstate merges into your lane without using the turn signal. Or the car ahead of you is sitting in the left-hand turn lane without a blinker on. Or you're at a four-way stop and you don't know if that next car is going straight or turning.

Deadly crash closes interstate when 2 semis collide

A deadly accident happened on I-75 in Florida, causing the road to be closed down while crews attended to the scene. The wreck involved a pair of semi trucks, and the first reports came in right around 5:19 in the morning. Police said that one person was killed in the accident, though it is unclear who it was -- or if it was even a driver.

Overcoming PTSD after an auto accident

Accidents and post traumatic stress disorder often go hand-in-hand. Any terrifying and traumatic event can cause it. PTSD is often discussed in relation to crimes or war, but car accidents are also terrifying -- for many people in the United States, nothing that happens to them will ever be more frightening.

What is the 3 second rule?

In the car, the "three second rule" doesn't pertain to food, but to the distance you keep behind the car in front of you. Three seconds gives you enough time to stop if the car ahead of you crashes or stops quickly.


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