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Common mistakes accident victims make

Car accidents happen all the time in Florida. Many motorists who end up in collisions with other vehicles make crucial mistakes that alter the outcome of their situations. To keep themselves from being disadvantaged, motorists should learn how to avoid making these common mistakes.

Common causes of accidents

Car accidents are becoming more common on the roads. There are several reasons why these incidents occur. According to NPR.org, Florida had an 18 percent increase in traffic deaths in 2015. With more vehicles on the roads each day, it is more important than ever for drivers to practice safe driving habits.

Common mistakes that teen drivers make

Each day, the number of teen motorists on the roads in Florida increases. Many of those young drivers are inexperienced and make driving mistakes that put everyone on the roads at risk. According to Clark.com, teen motorists kill two-thirds of children, adult and senior people in car crashes. A lack of parental involvement, improper instruction, distractions and pressure all contribute to the driving mistakes teenage motorists make.


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