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A plea to drivers: don't use your cellphone

In our last post, we talked about how you should react after you have been in a car accident. These are precious moments, and when you are ready to deal with the aftermath of a car crash, the information that you gather could prove to be very helpful in case you file an insurance claim or pursue legal action against a negligent driver.

One of the hypothetical situations we raised in the first paragraph of that post was a distracted driver looking at a cellphone. This has become far too common, and people who act on this behavior are only setting themselves up to be liable of any car accident that they may be involved in.

The statistics behind cellphone use while driving are incredible. For example, did you know there were roughly 169.3 billion texts sent per month in the United States and its territories as of December 2014? That figure has surely only gone up since then, and it doesn't even cover other cellphone uses that could distract a driver, such as a phone call, GPS apps, or social media usage.

Also, consider this: while drivers in their 20s make up about 23 percent of drivers involved in fatal crashes, they make up 38 percent of the distracted drivers who were using cellphones in fatal crashes.

We don't write this to disparage the reputation of anyone in particular. This is merely an announcement; a warning; a plea for restraint among all drivers. Leave your cellphone in your pocket.

Source: Distraction.gov, "Facts and Statistics," Accessed Aug. 31, 2016

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