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Suffer a pedestrian injury? Don't walk away from compensation

Every year, thousands of individuals die as the result of injuries suffered in pedestrian accidents. Many times, these accidents are completely preventable and happen as the result of negligent, reckless and otherwise inexcusable actions committed by drivers. If you were hurt or lost a loved one in this type of motor vehicle accident, you have legal options available to you.

Pedestrians have certain rights, and Florida drivers bear the responsibility of ensuring that they safely share the road and practice caution when people are traveling by foot in their vicinity. It is also possible that dangerous property conditions, such as a slippery sidewalk, caused your pedestrian accident.

Semi rollover crashes in Florida are a significant danger

Trucks are the lifeblood of Florida's trade and shipping, and thousands of trucks line the state's highways and roads every day. Drivers can make mistakes or cause hazards on the road, and a recent pair of rollover crashes call attention to a potentially dangerous situation for surrounding vehicles.

A truck recently flipped in Pompano Beach, spilling more than 200 gallons of diesel fuel on the road and shutting an entrance to Florida's Turnpike. The driver claimed that the dangerous load, which included construction material and debris, shifted as he turned off the highway and caused him to lose control of the vehicle.

Motorcycle accidents: common injuries and damages available

Because of the size and weight of passenger vehicles in comparison to motorcycles, accidents involving motorcycles almost always result in serious injuries and damages. Bikers have the same right to be on Florida roads and highways as other drivers, yet they often suffer significant harm because people do not know how to properly share the road.

The victims of motorcycle accidents should not suffer needlessly due to the reckless and negligent actions of other drivers. If you were hurt in a crash that was not your fault, you would be wise to secure the help of an attorney experienced in protecting the rights of bikers and in the personal injury claims process.

My loved one died in an accident. Do I have grounds for a civil claim?

When someone causes the wrongful death of another person, the surviving family members may seek financial compensation for various losses and damages. However, not every fatal accident merits legal action, and while you may be grieving the unexpected loss of a loved one, you may also want to know if you have grounds to move forward with a civil claim.

During a time of grief and upheaval for your family, you may also find yourself facing difficult issues, such as unexpected medical bills and financial losses related to the accident. It is possible that you may have a rightful claim to certain types of damages, and a Florida personal injury attorney can help you understand your options.

Florida appellate ruling reversed motorcycle crash ruling

Motorcycles are one of the most exciting ways to enjoy the American road, and Florida leads the country in motorcycle riders and opportunities for good rides. The spirit of the chase can get out of hand, and a legal battle over the circumstances of one ride continues to unfold in a Florida court.

The Fourth District Court of Florida reversed a previous ruling on a personal injury suit involving a motorcycle crash, remanding the case back to the earlier court for trial. Excluded evidence and differing versions of the crash's beginnings and aftermath led the court to side with the defendant during his appeal.

Florida law clarified for slip-and-fall injuries

It is rarely the most terrifying thing a person can imagine, but injury while running errands is a common cause of hospital admissions in Florida as well as elsewhere in the United States. If you or a loved one has been hurt by dangerous areas in local businesses, know your rights on claiming compensation.

Florida law on negligence that covers premises liability states that a business must be proven liable for knowledge of a hazard and should have taken care of it before an injury occurred. An example of a point of fact that could influence a ruling on a proprietor's liability is the circumstances around a slip-and-fall injury.

What can I include in my prenuptial agreement?

When a Florida couple is planning to marry, the last thing that they want to think about is the possibility of the marriage ending in divorce one day. For this reason, many couples do not consider how they can protect their future financial interests. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a prenuptial agreement.

A prenup is something you may associate with the rich and famous, but in reality, it is something that can benefit individuals from all backgrounds and income levels. By having this document, you can avoid complications and eliminate the need for litigation in the event of a divorce.

Study shows increased truck crashes on I-75 in Florida

Large highways are made safe by attentive drivers exercising courtesy and practicing good judgement. New highway construction and sources of traffic have brought more semis and heavy trucks into Florida than ever before, and the risk of collisions has come with them.

A new study says that motor vehicle collisions, especially major wrecks, have become a common occurrence on stretches of the I-75 highway in three counties in central Florida. Significant travel delays are nearly inevitable, while injuries and deaths are unfortunately common.

Can you sue after an outdoor slip-and-fall accident?

You know that you may have a right to sue after an indoor slip-and-fall accident. You're clearly on someone else's property. If that person created a dangerous situation or allowed one to persist -- a store owner who didn't tell employees to clean up after a spill, for instance -- then he or she may be liable.

However, what if you're outside? Do you still have the same rights?

Fatigued driving: More prevalent and more dangerous than you think

You may know of the dangers of distracted driving, but you may not know that fatigued driving can be just as dangerous. A tired driver can cause as much harm as an individual who picks up his or her phone while behind the wheel, and it is a serious problem in Florida and across the country.

There is much risk involved with getting behind the wheel while tired. Drowsy driving can happen for many reasons, but it always carries the risk of causing a serious or fatal accident. If you were hurt in an accident and you believe that a fatigued driver could be to blame, you may have grounds for a civil claim.


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