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Seeking damages from accident-related emotional trauma

The scars and damage from your Florida car accident may be much more than skin deep. It is possible that you experienced psychological trauma to the extent that you may have grounds to seek compensation for your emotional pain and suffering. 

A car accident or other type of personal injury incident can be incredibly traumatic, and you may feel that you are never going to get over the accident. In fact, your emotional duress may be so great that it actually has had a physical effect. Whether you are struggling with severe emotional and mental anguish or are dealing with the physical aftermath of a serious accident, you do not have to walk through it alone.

Behavioral steps that may lead to a dog bite

Many dog bites don't happen out of the blue, with no warning at all. Knowing what signs to look for can help you and your loved ones avoid being bitten..

First, the animal may become very still and quiet. The dog may appear rigid. It could be assessing the situation, but it's already uneasy.

For teens, friends are a major distraction

Teens and cellphones get a lot of press when looking at distractions behind the wheel. However, as dangerous as it is to use a phone to text a friend while driving, there's another danger that often gets overlooked: having those friends in the car.

When a teen has a friend along as a passenger, the odds of an accident double, as compared to a teen driving alone. Driving home from school with a friend may seem smart, and going to the mall or the movies on the weekend may sound fun. The reality, though, is that it can be dangerous.

4 key things to remember about semitrucks

You can't always avoid semitrucks on the road. They worry you with their huge size and the way they dwarf your car, but you must drive near them. You want to know how to do it safely.

Semi accidents claim lives year in and year out. Below are four things to remember to avoid being included in those statistics.

80 percent of motorcycle accidents lead to death or injury

Motorcycle accidents are violent, they happen quickly and they lead to injuries and death in the vast majority of cases. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that over 80 percent of the accidents that get reported to the authorities have one of these outcomes.

In a car, many accidents lead to nothing but property damage. A vehicle may be dented, scratched or even totaled, but the driver and passengers walk away from the scene. While there are tens of thousands of deadly accidents, there are millions of crashes.

Can we choose to parent cooperatively after divorce?

Children often suffer emotional and mental duress during the divorce of their parents, but parents can take certain steps to protect the interests of their kids during this difficult time. By working together on a custody plan that allows for continuity of lifestyle and stability, children can maintain strong relationships with both parents.

Joint custody is a popular type of custody arrangement that allows parents to share access to the kids on a regular basis. Children benefit when they can have regular time with both of these crucial figures in their lives, and joint custody can offer them this opportunity. Florida parents may choose to parent cooperatively by drafting a strong, thoughtful joint custody plan.

Tips for avoiding a rear-end accident

In the vast majority of cases, if another driver rear-ends your car, you are not at fault. Drivers are supposed to keep a safe following distance at all times -- even though many of them don't -- so that they can stop in time to avoid a crash. That being said, there are a few things you can do to keep from being rear-ended.

First off, watch out for blind spots. They're not just in the back. For example, semi trucks have blind spots in the front since they're so much taller than other vehicles.

Are turn signals really that important?

You've been there before: Someone ahead of you on the interstate merges into your lane without using the turn signal. Or the car ahead of you is sitting in the left-hand turn lane without a blinker on. Or you're at a four-way stop and you don't know if that next car is going straight or turning.

Are blinker lights really that important? Sure, it's annoying when someone doesn't use it and you're caught off guard, but you've done the same thing yourself.

Can adults adjust emotionally after a facial disfigurement?

Dog bites to the face are among the worst when looking at the long-term impact. They can leave people with permanent disfigurements that change the way they feel about themselves long after the pain has subsided and the healing process is over. These can impact job prospects, romantic relationships and much more.

However, one study found that many adults do adjust psychologically after suffering a facial disfigurement. The study looked both at those who were born with these issues and those who suffered them as a result of trauma.

Teen saves man after motorcycle accident

A man in Lakeland, near Tampa, was involved in a motorcycle accident with an RV. Reports indicate that the RV ran the red light, and the bike hit it. The rider was thrown off of the bike and was unconscious.

One of the first people on the scene was a 17-year-old student who was heading to a school basketball game. He said that he saw how badly the man had been hurt and just knew he had to stop.


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