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Driver killed in Orlando truck accident

Trucks are essential to the economy of Florida and the rest of the United States. The high concentration of ports and population centers have led to heavy infrastructure across the Sunshine State, with a high number of limited-access highways such as interstates.

The speed, number and different types of vehicles on interstate highways naturally raise the risk the drivers and passengers take when they use these roads. Car accidents and other motor vehicle collisions are one of the leading causes of non-natural fatalities in Florida.

New process may reduce Florida slip-and-fall accidents

Slipping and falling on a home or commercial floor surface is a leading cause of injury in the United States. Attentiveness and proper maintenance is usually the only prevention, but Florida is the birthplace of a new way to combat the problem.

A chemist based in Coral Springs recently realized an idea to minimize the dangers caused by slippery floors and other hazards in the workplace or business. His new invention is a treatment for floors that make them resistant to slips and falls by increasing friction forces between floor surfaces and shoes.

Florida motorcyclist dies in school bus collision

Motorcycles are a fast and convenient way to transit the roads and highways of the United States. With pleasurable weather and long expanses of open road, Florida is a good home to thousands of bikers and a host to countless others who enjoy the state from behind handlebars.

Bikes of all kinds experience many more unfortunate hazards on the road than cars and trucks. The small profile of two-wheeled vehicles makes them more difficult to see, and distracted drivers can easily mistake bikers at dusk or night for stationary object or, worse, not see them at all.

Fearful, anxious dogs could potentially attack

You, along with numerous other Florida residents, likely had a lovable dog growing up or may even have one now. You undoubtedly had or have a fierce love and attachment to your dog and hope that one day your children can have such a companion. Of course, you certainly also know that dogs could pose a threat if approached unexpectedly or while showing signs of fear or anxiety.

Because you certainly want to protect yourself and your children from a dog attack, you may wish to recognize signs that could indicate that a dog does not feel comfortable. Additionally, knowing how to handle a tense situation may also prove useful.

Traffic maneuver costs car passenger her life

Florida sees more and more drivers on the roads each year, leading to increased likelihood of motor vehicle accidents. More than 3,000 people died in car accidents in the state in 2016, the highest level ever for Florida.

Interstate highways and other limited-access roads offer the fastest and most convenient ways across significant distance, and in some areas traffic can exceed 80 miles per hour on these roads. The assortment of many vehicle types, including motorcycles and tractor-trailers, adds to the hazards that drivers may face.

Dog held by Florida authorities after bite attack

Florida is home to one of the United States' most diverse populations of animals, from strange lizards to common house pets. Pet owners or caregivers must always control domesticated animals, especially those in crowded towns and cities. This is particularly true for animals known to attack people.

A Panhandle resident is recovering after a neighbor's pit bull bit her four times in a single morning incident near her home. She was reportedly going to talk to a neighbor when the dog attacked her from behind.

Fatal Florida truck accident may be drug-related

Florida's traffic accident record demands that drivers remain alert and aware to maintain safety. The state has seen more than 250,000 collisions so far in 2017, with 1,783 people losing their lives after them. This is a higher count than the same period of 2016.

Professional drivers, with more time on the road in large or unusual vehicles, are responsible for a good deal of road safety wherever they drive and work. It is vital that drivers avoid driving tired or being negligent on the road to avoid potentially fatal collisions with passenger cars, motorcycles or pedestrians.

The Dangers Of Driving Against Medical Advice

It is unfortunately common to hear news stories of individuals driving inattentively or recklessly, or driving despite knowing that they are impaired by drugs/alcohol. There is another driving hazard that is less commonly discussed but no less dangerous: driving with a debilitating medical condition.

Individuals with certain medical conditions, such as seizures, are almost always prohibited from obtaining a driver's license. In some cases, these drivers can obtain a license if their symptoms are well controlled and they provide clearance from their doctors. Sadly, some drivers ignore the laws and disregard the safety of others in their pursuit of a license, often with fatal results.

Florida remains the deadliest state for motorcycles

Motorcyclists flock to Florida for the scenic roads and pleasant weather, while many of the state's residents bike to work or the beach on a daily basis. Unfortunately, motorcycles' popularity in the Sunshine State comes at a cost to finances and safety that can be unfairly passed on to the victims of accidents.

Florida leads the nation in motorcycle crash fatalities, with Hillsborough County arriving at the second spot in most dangerous counties across the state. Forty-eight motorcyclists were killed in traffic accidents in Tampa's home county in 2015, the last year with full statistics, second only to Miami-Dade County.

Car seats need more protection than Florida law

Children are the most precious cargo on America's roads. Parents always observe extra precautions on a grocery run, pickup after practice or road trip with a child on board. Since other drivers cannot be relied upon to be careful, parents have a duty to protect children against car accidents.

All drivers and passengers in motor vehicles should wear a seat belt when a car, truck or bus is in motion. Children below the age of five or a height of 4'9" generally require additional protection.


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